Hey there! I'm Jessica, a Software Engineer & Blogger living in Austin, TX. I'm spending my first year post-grad as an Engineering Resident at Google while creating content for my lifestyle blog on the side, and previously studied Computer Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin.

My interests lie in the use of technology to impact the education and health industries, and supporting the entrepreneurs that are making big moves to help others in those areas. I'm particularly interested in the way nutrition and lifestyle affect a person's health and how empowering people with knowledge about their bodies through technology can impact their wellbeing and help them take action against preventative illnesses.

I believe in exploring creative outlets and entrepreneurial paths to improve myself as an engineer, and love the challenge of balancing different hats. Less formally, I like to write, manage multiple Instagrams, and run my own Minecraft server.

Things I've Done

3 Day Startup

Four-year organizer of 3 Day Startup's flagship program in Austin, TX. Recruited and interviewed students and working professionals in the Austin area and organized workshops, bootcamps, and other events to promote the program.

Lifestyle Blog

Jessica Slaughter is a lifestyle blog devoted to helping young women succeed in college and their career. Over the past four years, I've written over 100 posts on everything from study tips to wellness habits to building your own blog. I've garnered an audience of over 100,000 monthly readers and collaborated with brands including Target, PayPal, Dove, Society6, and Evernote, through sharing authentic stories about their products. These are some of my favorite brand collaborations:

Todo List

I made this lil Todo List app while taking a Web Development Bootcamp class on Udemy.

Link: Todo List

CORT Collab

I worked with CORT, a leading furniture rental company, to share about their services through a year-long collaboration focused on my transition from college life to a full-time career and moving across the country in the process. This ambassadorship was my first long-term brand relationship and taught me a lot about producing quality content that goes beyond a basic sponsored post. It challenged me to meet post requirements while still giving my readers an authentic story about my experience with the brand and staying true to my voice. I'll update this section as the six main pieces go live:

Making A Mood Board For My Seattle Apartment

HTML & CSS Blog Tutorials

When I first started blogging, I almost exclusively wrote advice for other bloggers that didn't have any experience with the technical side of owning a website. Titled The Blogging Brew, this blog had over 50 posts before I merged it with my current lifestyle blog. My HTML and CSS tutorials were some of the most popular posts on my blog, consistently getting hundreds of views a day and reaching top search results on Google and Pinterest. You can check out the tutorial posts here, or see all of my blogging advice here.

Places you can find me